‘We are faced with the paradoxical fact that education has become one of the chief obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought’                                         Bertrand Russel (1920)

Welcome to my e-portfolio discussing creative learning and teaching, with a focus on creativity in secondary science education. Most of my posts to follow will be reflections from my Master’s degree in Educational Practice and will discuss the effectiveness of different creative learning and teaching strategies, reviewing the historical arguments for creativity in education and how the government aims to continue to raise the creativity in the curriculum.

The blog will depict my learning journey of the ideas surrounding creative education. I will reflect on methods I have introduced into my year 7-11 science classroom and the implications of the strategy on the learning of my students; as well as relating them to the literature.

One thought on “Home

  1. Hi Tanya,
    This is a super portfolio and one I feel your journey is moving from your own positioning as a creative learner to that of your pupils. I think that you depict your developing insights and firmly and confidently place yourself in a position where you can orchestrate the creative element of your practice as to positively impact the learning of your pupils.

    Aim to illuminate some more readings as to deepen the criticality of the invaluable reflection offered. This will make the journey steadfast as you move forwards as a proponent of teaching creatively and for creativity. I think that the dance we dance between this is our own creative pedagogy. Thank you for creating and sharing your journey. Please find posits for thought across your annotated checkpoints.
    Best wishes, Alison

    CP1: I like the insight shared through this blog as you identify further links across literature elsewhere. I enjoy hearing how your opinion is positioning amidst these tensions and likely would want to hold you to task to support your contention regarding the current curriculum. As advocators for creativity, I believe that likely change through the curriculum may have to come from the inside out, if a policy-driven change fails to return. That means that teachers can empower how the curriculum is operationalised as to encompass this from an ideological standpoint if not an explicitly via mandates. Thank you Tanya. This was an informative and intriguing read.

    CP 2: Your perspective drawn from your metacognition reading is quite spirited as it firmly places the responsibility for student empowerment of thought with the teacher. This in my opinion parallels the same responsibility and function we can include in our own pedagogies with regard creativity. We orchestrate these thinking-based opportunities and I am delighted to see that you have depicted your role in this holistic approach.

    CP 3: Creative learning strategies
    Curiosity is indeed an entry point for creativity. As you link this with the framework from Woods (1990) I find it quite inspiring that you recognize that for pupils to take ownership of their understanding, your role in modelling curiosity is also a contributing factor.

    CP 4: Implications of creative teaching
    I love the pupil exemplar of changing the ideas of the universe and the fact that you recognise and validate his creation despite recognising that this may be less than usual via a science-based route. I think I would like to see a little more support as to deepen your own metacognitive response to your scaffolded teaching and resultant products. Aim to illuminate some of your readings and any current research which hones in upon these constructs of ownership, creative abilities and implications for subject-based delivery/content.


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